An Outline of Golden Ticket 2

Play’n GO has announced the debut of Golden Ticket 2, a sequel to their 2014 circus-themed slot game. The developers have stayed true to the game’s essential values while improving upon its visuals, gameplay, and overall potential. Indeed, when stated in this way, it appears that several shifts have occurred. Join me as I discuss the new features of Golden Ticket 2 from my ringside seat.

In terms of aesthetics, the two games share a lot in common. Not like the gap between Jolly Roger 1 and 2, at least. You may play this game from 20 cents up to $100 or €100 per spin, and it features the same 5×5 grid and 20 fixed paylines as the other Circus themed slots. Minor in nature, the shift from the original’s emphasis on outdoor settings to this one’s shift to the confines of the tent’s canvas roof is the only noticeable difference. Although the original’s charm was in its character, which has thankfully been preserved. Play’n GO did an excellent job recreating the aesthetic of a vintage circus for its sequel.

Play’n GO uses flexible RTP, as you’ve already guessed by now. This means that the RTP you encounter will vary depending on the casino you play at. However, the RTP is predetermined at 96.5 percent. If you played the original, you should know that the mathematical model has been significantly changed and that you will be facing a completely new adversary. The original slot was quite low in volatility, but the sequel is as high in volatility as any Play’n GO slot can get.

With each spin, 25 symbols will fall into the grid and the game will begin. All you need to do to win is line up three or more identical symbols in a row, whether they’re going horizontally or vertically. After payouts have been made, winning combinations are removed from the grid and any remaining symbols fall into the empty spaces to form new winning combinations. A win multiplier starts at x1, increases by 1 with each subsequent drop, and resets to x1 at the beginning of each new basic game spin.

The payout schedule features a variety of circus-themed symbols, from the lowest paying to the highest. The low pays include a monocycle, juggling items, a target, knives, and a ringmaster’s headgear. You can win anywhere from two to four times your bet if you get a line of five low pays. Three members of the circus cast—the clown, the blindfolded knife thrower, and the ringmaster—are the most paid performers. If you get 5 of a kind, you’ll win 10 times your bet. Lines of three or more mixed premiums that land horizontally or vertically also award players a consolation prize of up to 5x.

The final symbol, a golden tent, is the wild and can be substituted for any other pay sign. Separately, it has some value; a string of five would double the bet by 50. When a three-symbol winning combination is disregarded, a wild symbol appears in the center position. If the board contains just wilds, the board is cleared.

The Second Golden Ticket: Extras

Play’n GO has reworked the game’s features such that they center on expanding wilds, the Win Spins bonus round, and free spins.

When premium wins occur, they add segments to the three-segment meter to the left of the grid. Filling 1, 2, or 3 segments of the meter is the result of a win with 3, 4, or 5 symbols. Full meter activation launches the multiplier wilds feature, which adds one or two multiplier wilds to the reels at random.

On the right, one of the three characters is presented, affecting which wild multiplier it will be. Multiplier wilds of x1, x2, or x3 are given out when the clown, knife thrower, or ringmaster are all in motion. The multiplier wilds function can only occur once per game round; then the character changes for the following trigger.

Like the original, hidden behind the symbols on the grid is the word BONUS. There are three different kinds of free spins that are unlocked when the BONUS row is cleared. Players can pick the best option based on the number of free spins available (the less free spins, the higher the multiplier and volatility).

Wild that increases the multiplier by three times and five risk-free spins.

There will be 7 free spins with a multiplier wild of x2, and the volatility will be medium.

A wild that multiplies by x1 and 9 risk-free spins.

Free spins feature a Win Spin with a 2×2 multiplier wild if the meter is filled to the maximum of three segments. Once the multiplier wild has been arbitrarily placed on the board, a fresh grid of symbols will appear. Between rounds of free spins and rounds of Win Spins, the win multiplier is refreshed.

Once the enlarged meter has been filled in for a Win Spin, the player is awarded an additional Win Spin, with the win multiplier not being reset in between. Lastly, if you are successful in clearing the entire grid, you will receive a bonus prize equal to 500 times your initial wager.

verdict (Golden Ticket 2)

It will be intriguing to see if the sequel finds the same success as the first. The two games share a lot of similarities; they both include a circus-themed setting and have enough of ambiance to rival the real thing. However, the potential and volatility are significantly greater, which may reward a more committed approach.

There are some who will be disappointed by the elimination of the target shooting bonus game. Although it did not yield enormous financial rewards, it was entertaining and appropriately themed. However, the new bonus games are much more complex and can result in higher stakes and more thrilling experiences. Now, Golden Ticket 2 gives wins of up to 5,000 times the investment, or double the first.

All in all, it’s like if the visuals and basic gameplay of Golden Ticket met Moon Princess and some features from Pimped (Win Spins) were thrown in for good measure. The upshot of this mash-up can be as fun as a day out at the circus. One of those shows that is so chaotic it’s barely under control but always on the verge of complete anarchy, which is why it’s so much fun to watch.






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