VIP Black Scratch Cards Available Online

One of the most well-liked ways to earn money in an instant at the best online casinos in Canada is through the use of humble scratch cards. The not-so-humble VIP Black scratch card, which has grabbed the gamers – and us – by storm since its release, is now available.

It is head and shoulders above the competition because it is powered by Scratch 2 Cash. It provides you with a gameplay that is slick and simple, a substantial RTP of 93.5%, and even profitable extra features. Instead of being built with the bright, gaudy, and sometimes garish visuals that are so common in the genre, the online casino operator has opted for a sophisticated black background with white-gold filigree details. This is in contrast to the fact that the bright, flashy, and often garish graphics are so prevalent in the genre. Two information boxes, one adorned with a sapphire and the other with a diamond, can be found to the left of the playing field. In addition to this, the music and sound effects are every bit as sophisticated as we had anticipated for them to be.


Options for Varying Degrees of Scratching

The playing area of the VIP Black scratch card consists of 20 blocks arranged in a 5×4 grid. On the other hand, it is not necessary for you to play all twenty of them.


You have the choice of playing with merely 10 of them when you participate in this casino game that is played online. Adjustments can be made through the parameters labeled “Number of Stars.” Additionally, the magnitude of the wager can be changed. You can choose an amount between $0.01 and $10.00 by using the settings for the Star Price. The range of possible values is from 0.1 to 10.


In the event that this was one of the printed cards that gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, you would have required to remove a foil surface by scratching it with a coin, a car key, or, if you were in an absolute bind, your fingernails. This would have been necessary. Because everything takes place on a computer or a mobile device, thank goodness, so removing the cover that conceals the symbols is as simple as clicking or touching on each block in turn. If even that seems like too much work for you, the good news is that clicking the Reveal All button will take off all of the covers that have stars decorated on them at the same time. You also have the choice to use the Auto Play feature, which enables you to program the scratch card so that it plays itself.


To win the reward that is mentioned, you need to have a match of at least three symbols. In this regard, it has a striking resemblance to that other well-liked casino games, the online slot machines. If, on the other hand, your scratching reveals three diamonds or three rubies, you will be able to play the corresponding extra game. You might even become so lucky as to earn CAD rewards in the main game while simultaneously activating one of the extras at the same time.


Bonus Round for the Ruby

You will be able to experience a unique mode of play if you are fortunate enough to activate the Ruby bonus game when playing VIP Black scratch card on your computer or on your Android, iOS, or other mobile device. This will allow you to win extra prizes.


To win prizes of varying sizes, you will need to spin rubies, which will then land on the appropriate spot. You are going to have to continue doing this until the rubies land on the Collect block. The astounding amount of 800 times your chosen Star Price or the bet that triggered this bonus round is the maximum payment that may be won during this bonus round.


Bonus Round With a Diamond

We had a lot of fun with the Ruby feature on the VIP Black scratch card, and the Diamond bonus game was just as exciting, if not even more so. If you happen to be playing casino games at the website that we recommend, and you happen to trigger it, then you will be given 14 diamonds.


After that, choose seven of the precious stones from the pile. You might win as much as 1,100 times the Star Price, depending on what information they provide you.


Where to Make Your Bets

We had a lot of pleasure playing this hip and sophisticated game that is powered by Scratch 2 Cash, and we enthusiastically suggest it to users in Canada because of how much fun we had playing it. We are also delighted to suggest an online casino where you can play it if you are interested. In addition to having fantastic games, the licensed and regulated casino known as Magic Red provides players with excellent bonus opportunities. Get firsthand experience with its potency, and you’ll have a better chance of winning big.






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